Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sneak Peek

It is a very busy time for us personally at the moment with lots happening from my daughters birthday, to family illnesses, to some very, very minor surgery for me this week and topped off by an instore presentation coming up this Saturday so I have slowed down a bit the last few days with the digitizing and will also be a bit slow until this coming Sunday. So I just wanted to take a moment to post up a sneak peek of what I am in the process of working on until it is released (I do hope to get it up in the next day or so).
Needless to say, I am itching to get back to normal routine again as I have been so motivated the last months to digitize. But in the mean time, enjoy the sneak peek and I do hope to have it released in the next 1 - 2 days!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creative or Not?

I am just sitting here pondering the comments many people give me that I must be so creative to do what I do. I just wanted to take a moment to credit my wonderful illustrators Penny Johnson, Marisa Straccia, Olivia Kneibler, Angela Brown and the many other miscellaneous illustrators that I license artwork from. They are the truly creative ones who dream up concepts and make what we at Bunnycup special. Without their creativity and vivid imaginations, Bunnycup embroidery would be just another embroidery website but it is their talents that make Bunnycup designs stand out.

As for me being creative, I have to say that I personally would describe myself more as technical. I was a Chartered Accountant in my prior life (auditor and compliance specialist) if that can help paint a picture. Digitizing is a technical process of creating a data file from artwork though I suppose some reflection of creativity is seen in the way a design is digitized and the different stitch types and effects.

Anyhow, this post is just to say thank you to my wonderful illustrators who so tirelessly create wonderful illustration after wonderful illustration and terrific concepts. Without you, Bunnycup would not be what it is. So thank you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Corrupted Downloads

This week I would like to talk a bit about corrupted downloads. When downloading files, it is possible that the file gets corrupted in the download process and some information is 'scrambled'. What can result with embroidery designs is variety of problems but include:

- outlines being significant misplaced
- objects being misaligned in the design
- stitches being misplaced
- a file that will not open or unzip.

Often, because of a lack of education in respect to corrupted downloads, the customer blames the design and digitizer because a section of the design or outline is misplaced. Where, if the customer simply redownloaded the design, the issue is likely to rectify itself (and that the problem lies in the download not the actual digitized file).

If you have a design that is doing something you do not expect, it is recommended that you redownload the design again as redownloading will correct a corrupted download (unless you have the misfortune of getting two corrupted downloads in a row).

I also recommend opening the design in an embroidery software before stitching it out such as . A program such as embird will display the design on your computer before stitching it on a project and you will see if anything looks odd or it will tell you if the file is unreadable. In which case you can download the design again and see if something has gone awry before any heartache occurs on the machine.

Please also note that your internet connection plays role in the likelihood of a corrupted download. Dial up connections are often slower in downloading and as a result, increases the risk of corrupted or scrambled data. High speed connections, although not infallible, reduce the likelihood of corrupted downloads.