Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PED Software and "No Sewing Data Message"

We often get a lot of emails from PED users and the occurance of a "no sewing data" message. So we would like to address this problem here and provide the reasons why this message occurs. There are a number of reasons why we are aware the PED software gives this message:

1) An unrecognisable file is being opened (ie not a PES file)
2) The file being opened has not been unzipped
3) The file being opened has been corrupted in download. The fix to this is to simply redownload and unzip your designs again.
4) The design is too large (ie more than a supported hoop) or there are too many stitches in the design.
5) Your software has not been updated for the most recent update to the software.

I would like to just address point 5) here and explain it in greater detail. PES works on a number of different versions. Currently there are 6 different versions of the PES software and this is likely to increase in size as Brother develops thier machines and PES files. If your software is not updated, it will not recognise later released versions of PES than that current at the time of purchase. Digitizers tend to update their own digitizing software on an ongoing basis as it is important to us to keep our software up to do date with the latest and greatest options and to keep up with all the new formats. As a result, our softwares will also save in the more recent versions of softwares. Consequently, it is also important that customers update the software and hardware that they use so that the software and hardware they are using keeps up to date.

We have recently updated our primary digitizing software with a recent release that came out. As a result, our software is saving PES in version 6 but many customers have not updated thier PED software and as a result many customers get the "no sewing data". Those customers who have downloaded the update from the brother update have had 100% success in resolving this.

You can download the software update at the Brother website at and just select the software type to be taken to a page to download the most recent service pack. Instructions on how to perform the actual update should be included in the download file.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome To The Bunnycup Embroidery Blog


My name is Ashlea and I am the owner of Bunnycup Embroidery . After many a request, I thought it was time to start my own blog to let those of you who are interested a little more about us, Bunnycup Embroidery and all other sorts of interesting things. I will post tidbits about me, our family, previews for Bunnycup Embroidery and other fun bits and pieces.

Today - I am itching to tell 10 things about me that you probably would not know:

1) I am a trained Chartered Accountant who specialised in Auditing and Compliance Management. Embroidery became a hobby when I had my first daughter and I was blessed to be able to build Bunnycup Embroidery to the business it is today.

2) The name Bunnycup was conceived by my husband years ago who nicknamed me Bunnycup - a mixture of a Bunny Rabbit and Buttercup. Not really sure why - but it is just one of those silly things.

3) I had never even sewed until I had my daughter in 2003. I still do not sew much but love embroidery as it allows even the worst sewer (aka me) be creative.

4) I still do not really sew - time has become limited between two children, two dogs and Bunnycup. But I hope one day to take proper lessons to be able to sew better. I can sew quilts - but they do not require much more than straight edges!

Enough of sewing - here are some fun general things about me now:

5) My favourite foods are macadamia nuts, avocado and mushrooms.

6) I love to read - I am currently reading a book called Without Warning.

7) I love horror movies (well not vampires or monster style movies - more murder movies). I am not sure why - but I think I like the thrill of getting scared once in awhile. Funny though - I am scared of the dark and do not like to be home alone - I get a bit jumpy.

8) I love all things cute. Be it cute and childish artwork, adorable stationary, golden retreiver puppies - it does not matter. I just love cute.

9) I hate crowds and pushy people. I avoid crowded places like the plague. I am too polite and not good a pushing so I tend to stay away from anywhere that is crowded.

10) I love learning........ I love to learn about other people, places, interesting tidbits. But at the same time my memory is not great (especially since I have had my two children) - so sometimes I have to keep on learning in hope one day it all sticks.

Well that is it for today and my introduction - but I will be back soon with more.

From My Heart To Yours