Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Getting To Know Ashlea – Where Did Bunnycup Begin?


I am Ashlea and I am the primary owner of Bunnycup Embroidery.  I am going to write a number of blog posts over the coming months about me, the origins of Bunnycup, the embroidery business and so on just so you can get to know both Bunnycup and me.

To start, this is long overdue.  I have become a pretty humble and shy being, so I don’t tend to talk about myself much, so this is a little out of my usual nature.  So bear with me!

Today, I will start off with where Bunnycup begun.  Once upon a time, a long time ago, I use to be a Chartered Accountant, a senior auditing manager.  It was that stage of life where I was expecting our first baby and had just gone maternity leave.  A very lovely neighbour of ours gave us a baby gift for our first baby, Bailey.  It was a precious embroidered quillow. 

For those of you who do not know what a quillow is, it is a quilt that folds up into a pillow.  If you google it you can find lots of videos on how to make one.  It is basically a quilt with a pocket on the back that the quilt folds up into the pocket so that the quilt becomes the stuffing of the pillow.  A wonderful versatile project. The below image is from, where there is a great free quillow tutorial.

So my neighbor was telling of how this amazing machine does all the embroidery in the touch of a button.  I was completely fascinated. And let me tell you, this surprised even me.  I had never really sewn, my mother never really sewed or had much interest and I really had no artistic flair (accountant and artistic are usually not two words that go together).  So I was delighted to find that something could do this and perhaps I could do something fun with no knowledge of sewing.  Because of my fascination, and the fact I suddenly had free time because I was on maternity leave and intrigued I might be able to make little things for our coming baby, I went out and purchased a second hand embroidery machine.  It was love at first sight.

I still chuckle over my first attempts.  I had a baby singlet and wanted to embroider a tiny little rose on it.  Excited, I hooped up the singlet (a challenge for a beginner).  I was overconfident and thinking, just how easy it was.  I put the singlet on the machine and stitch out this perfect little rose.  I can even remember I was on the phone to a friend talking about it and how easy it all was.  Then……… I went to take if off the hoop.  Well, wasn’t that most interesting………………  I didn’t even know enough to think through what I was doing and had embroidered the rose through both the front and back of the singlet and I could not get it off the hoop!  Scissors – a beginner’s best friend (and a bin!).

Needless to say I was not discouraged and learned a lesson and kept at it.  I was soon making all sorts of little basic things.  I even put my hand to sewing some basic cot quilts.  I am still not great at sewing – but I got to know a thing or two about embroidery quickly.

What shocked me most of all though was accessing designs.  Back in those days, designs were on cards and there were only a few online resources (this was back in 2003/2004).  A card of designs could cost up to $120 and might only have 10 designs on it!

My father, who was a kind, humble and interesting man always taught us that there is very little someone else can do that you can’t do.  Given the price of designs and my father’s teachings, I figured there must be a way to create my own designs.  So I embarked on a new interest, learning how to create designs.  It has been a long journey from there – one of passion and love.  I have never gotten enough of digitizing and I am not sure I ever will.  But let me tell you, the first designs were not smooth sailing.  I remember my very first design, the needle kept breaking and it would not stitch out.  I had to go to the dealer I purchased my machine from and ask them why the needle was breaking and I was told the design was likely too dense.  Also bearing in mind, that embroidery programs have developed a long way too since then.  They too were in their early days of development. At this point, I would like to give John Deer ( credit as I did purchase his training videos and they were the corner stones of my early learning.

From there, the internet also was only in its infancy stages and I figured if I had these designs then I should be able to put them up on a website.  So my next learning curve was how to create a website. Fortunately I am married to an IT professional, and a fine one at that.  So I got to creating the very first versions of Bunnycup where I uploaded my very first designs.  I just asked if someone who downloaded them liked them, that they consider donating a small sum to help cover costs.

Before too long I saw there was an interest, I was learning more and more and getting more and more confident with the feedback on my designs, so Bunnycup started selling designs. But let me say, and this will be covered in future blogs, embroidery digitizing is a time consuming occupation.  It has left me little time to actually play with embroidery – but  I am holding onto that for retirement.  By the time I create designs, manage the testing, package them up for website release and do all the website administration, marketing, social media, customer support, there is little time left over to play with embroidery.

And one little more thing – where did the name Bunnycup come from………………………..  Well, it was my husband’s (Quentin who many of you have received IT support from) nickname for me.  If I recall correctly, it was the cross between a bunny rabbit and a cupcake. Why he called me that, I can barely recall now – young love I would say. Until next time, thank you for taking an interest in me and Bunnycup x

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Social Media Spotlight – May 2019

We love scouting social media and finding many of the wonderful creations you share which inspire so many others.  It’s been awhile since we have posted a social media spotlight, so it’s time to share some of those great pictures we have recently spotted.  But be sure to join our facebook group where many ladies are posting up inspiring pictures of our designs (and it is also a great place to chat with other customers and ask questions).  We can’t post every picture we see on our blog (I wish we could but it will a mammoth post), but you will find many of them on our facebook group and also check our gallery for even more inspiration.

Unicorns have been incredibly popular over the last few years and our customers have been loving our unicorn embroidery designs and unicorn applique designs. 

#akishugei on Instagram is enamored with our Be A Uncorn applique designs and they frequently appear in her adorable creations.

Who wouldn't want to be a unicorn with this cute onsie!

The Be A Unicorn set includes a variety of adorable designs including a unicorn topper embroidery design, a unicorn cake embroidery design, unicorn head applique design, rainbow unicorn applique designs, unicorn doughnut applique design, a unicorn face mask in-the-hoop project, and unicorn word art and so much more. It is great value with 15 designs in multiple sizes.

Mamala Boutique is a fan or our Magical Unicorns embroidery designs.  These also come in an applique version.

This adorable embroidery cushion and towel would be the pride of any little girl.

Bear Embroidery Designs

#valeri.z08 on Instagram shared this stunning embroidered coffee pot holder featuring an embroidery design from our Daisy Bears set.

I absolutely adore her use of color which really makes this pop.  And I don't know why, but the Daisy Bears always warm my heart!

Embroidered Quilts

Many of our customers are incredibly talented at making quilts.  And we just can't get enough of seeing their amazing talent!

Kathy is a long term customer of Bunnycup and I have always been in awe of her creative talent.  See one of quilts inspires me no end.

This is particular quilt she has used elephant embroidery designs from our Little Jumbo set.

Karla really showed great creativity too with her use of color and piecing with this eye catching quilt using our Forest Animals applique designs.  This set is also available in a filled stitch version.

Donna made this bright and adorable quilt using dinosaur embroidery designs from our Dino-Rawhs set.

Camping Embroidery Designs

Camping embroidery designs are always popular, especially as Summer approaches.  Trinity Creations on Instagram has been getting in the mood with this fabulous towel using a camper embroidery design and convertible embroidery design from our Move It set.  Also available as applique designs.

Birth Announcements

Fran made this absolutely adorable birth announcement using an embroidery design from our Floppy Dog set.  Fran is a frequent contributor at our facebook page and has an amazing talent for color and fabric selection.  Keep your eyes posted out for customizable birth announcement embroidery designs soon at Bunnycup - we have a great set of artwork to get moving on based on popular request!

If you want to inspire our other customers and share your creations why not join our facebook group now.  Or if you prefer Instagram be sure to tag #bunnycupembroidery so we can see your projects!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

What is an SVG File?

What is an SVG file?

Since we have started selling SVG files, we have had lots of emails asking what an SVG file is.  So I wanted to write a little blog post about them.

SVG files are a scalable vector graphic which is a graphic that be resized with suitable software without loss of any quality.  But in terms of craft, they are typically used with cutting machines such as the Silhouette, Cricut or Brother Scan N Cut (some of these machines may use different formats – but the formats are included in our SVG range).  These machines do many things from cutting fabric, cardstock and heat transfer vinyl, etching, printing, drawing and so much more.  But largely they are used for vinyl and making things like t-shirts and decals and also for cardstock (making cards, scrapbooking etc).

As one can image, this is a very complimentary craft to machine embroidery and many of our customers have both an embroidery machine and a cutting machine. 

Our SVG range include multiple formats including JPG and PNG – so can also be used for printing and other crafts, they do not just need to be used for cutting machines. So they can be used in many ways. 

We only introduced our SVG range this year and we are working very hard on increasing our range of designs this coming year - but we do have a few examples of how some customers have used our designs so far. 

Rhonda made this shirt using a design from our Music SVG bundle:

SVG's can also be incorporated into advertising, logos, websites and so much more as they are just another graphic.  Elizabeth created the following incorporating our of our Easter Sentiments Five SVG files:

If you have not investigated SVG files or cutting machines, you may just find that the cutting machines are a wonderful accompaniment to your crafting needs.  You could use our SVG files to make matching gift cards to your embroidered gifts, use them to cut fabric and so much more.  They are reasonably affordable (typically far less expensive than an embroidery machine) and lots of fun to play with!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Social Media Spotlight

Our wonderful customers have been busing sharing all their amazing creativity using our embroidery designs on social media, inspiring each other.  And we just love to show some of them off and inspire you in our blog!  

Ruth's Raggedy Bears Qult

This stunning rainbow quilt was made by Ruth using teddy bear embroidery designs from our Raggedy Bears and Raggedy Bears Too Collections.  Inspiration can also be found from Marilyn's What A Hoot Quilt Blog Post

Wanda's Knock Down Shapes Sherpa

We were requested to make a police badge knock down design, so we made a full set of different Knock Down Shapes, including regular shapes and badge shapes.  Wanda embroidered a gorgeous sherpa using a police badge shape.  If you like our knock down shapes, you may also like our knock down frames set.  

Marilyn's Love My Llama Quilt

Marilyn, who owns Lindy Lou Kidsword, is our guest blog and one of the most creative sewers and quilters we know.  She got straight to work on a quilt using our popular Love My Llama Applique set and made this stunning quilt.  Llama embroidery designs have been a big trend in embroidery recently!

Mariflore's Elephants Applique Cushion

Mariflore made this beautiful cushion using our elephant applique embroidery designs.  Our Elephants Applique had an adorable array of gorgeous elephants, including princess elephants, dancing elephants, birthday elephants, bathing elephants and so much more.  Don't you just love Mariflore's adorable cushion?

Fran's Critter Face Applique Towel

Fran is one our loyal customers in Germany and she has a very creative flair for color combinations and bright beautiful fabrics.  She submits lots of wonderful creations to our facebook group. Here is an adorable towel she made using one of our Critter Face Applique embroidery designs. 

Sonette Baby Boy Sentiments Burp Cloths

Sonette made these adorable burp cloths using some of our baby boy embroidery designs from our Baby Boy Sentiments set.  If you love these designs, you may also like our Baby Boy Sentiments Too set!

We have so many more pictures always being posted on our social media pages (facebook groups, instagram etc) - so be sure to sign up using the social media icons under our logo at the top of the page or join our facebook group.  

Also, just an update - we will soon do a blog about this - but we have recently started a range of SVG files for use with cutting machines like the Silhouette, Cricut or Scan and Sew.  Not only do we include SVG, but they can be used as clipart and printables.  Formats included in the downloads are dxf, eps, jpg, pdf, png and svg.  If you love our embroidery designs but have longed to use them with your cutting machines, you will love our SVG and Clipart range.  But keep an eye on our blog for more updates soon!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Easter Inspirations

It is that time many of you are thinking about Easter projects and we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our Easter sets and customer projects for Easter. After 15 years in business, Bunnycup has an extensive range of Easter embroidery designs that you are bound to fall in love with. 

Easter Sentiments Five:

This adorable Easter word art embroidery designs are perfect for little ones - use them on onsies, shirts, easter baskets and so much more.  This set includes 12 adorable designs for boys and girls.

Split Easter Applique is a fun collection of Easter embroidery designs that you can personalize with names (between the splits). This collection comes in 4 sizes, one each for the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 and 8x8 hoops. The split cross would also make a gorgeous Bible Cover!

Easter Train Applique:

All aboard the Easter Train! This wonderful collection of Easter applique embroidery designs are so fun and bound to delight. This collection includes 3 sizes, one for the 4x4 hoop, one for the 5x7 hoop and one for the 6x10 hoop. These designs would be delightful on a table runner!

Box Easter Applique is an all time favorite set and has been very popular.  These adorable applique easter designs will made just about any Easter project a delight and includes 3 sizes, one each for the 4x4, 5x7 and 6x10 hoops.

Interested in something not so cutesy and a little more serious for Easter?  We have have some stunning religious Easter designs in store too.  These are great for spreading the faith and would again make some beautiful bible covers. 

We have many, many more Easter designs available - so check out our full range of Easter Embroidery Designs.

Be Inspired By Customer Projects:

Cherrie made this darling cushion using an embroidery design from our A Cute Easter Applique!

Denise made these adorable Easter Baskets using embroidery designs from our Easter Sentiments set.

Kelli-Ann made this cute towel using an embroidery design from B Happy Moments

Fran made this darling bib using a design from our Snuggle Bunny Applique set.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Embroidery Designs Releases 2018

Christmas is fast upon us and our popular Christmas embroidery designs are in demand this Christmas. We just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of this year’s sets and customer projects.
Our Latest Releases:
Nutcracker Too – This set has been inspired by the new Nutcracker movie and by the Nutcracker Ballet and includes 12 beautiful Nutcracker embroidery designs that will dance their way into hearts of young and old alike.

Framed Christmas Moments Too – These gorgeous Christmas embroidery designs (link) include adorable designs peeking from an applique frame. If you love these designs you will love our Framed Christmas Moments set.

Kawaii Christmas Applique – This collection is great value with 15 fun Christmas applique embroidery designs – and has a wonderful variety of designs from penguins, to snowmen, cupckaes, trees, stockings and mittens, snow globes and so much more. These adorable embroidery designs are bound to please little hearts.

Christmas Snowmen – This popular collection of Snowmen embroidery designs has been a big seller this year. They are whimsical and simply adorable all at the same time and will melt the hearts of young and old.

Christmas Applique Too – another adorable melody of applique Christmas embroidery designs including all the favourite Christmas designs from a gorgeous Santa face, a cardinal, a nutcracker, ornaments, Christmas trees and so much more. If you love this set you will also love our original Christmas Applique set

Christmas Carols Sentiments Series – We released two must have collections Christmas Carols Sentiments and Christmas Carols Sentiments Too. These Christmas Carols embroidery designs celebrate all your favourite carols and will have you singing your way into Christmas.

Christmas Tags Too – Our Christmas Tags Too applique machine embroidery designs are again very popular and are simple in the hoop designs and are perfect to decorate gifts with or even hang from the Christmas Tree. If you love these you will also love our original Christmas Tags embroidery designs.

Christmas Religious Sentiments – these have been probably our most popular release this Christmas with 12 Christmas designs celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.
Why not pop by and check out some of these amazing new release and fall in love with our designs!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Long Time - No See

It has been some time since we have done a blog update, mostly because I was not sure if anyone actually followed or read the blog or if it was getting any interest. If any of you are interested in seeing the blog continued, please let us know by posting a comment.
In the mean time, here is a sneak peek of one of our upcoming sets - a follow on set to our popular and recently released Raggedy Bears series!